Notes for models about shooting styles


Fine Art Nude:
uses Nothing - not shoes, clothes, makeup or jewelry and rarely even looking at the camera, its just about shapes and shadows. Any props are for artistic use in the balance of the image.

Images may include distant images of the model within a room or landscape, through to extreme close-up shapes and body parts with no background.

Art Nudes are traditionally Minimal makeup, although Concealer and Foundation/Powder may be acceptable if they are well done. Any foundation needs to come down the neck and blend around the natural V at the bottom of the throat, and all the way round to below the ears so there is no distinct Mask Line.
Western cultural rules really don't accept female body hair as normal - go figger! So it's no wonder that women have got a name for spending forever in the bathroom.

For Art books and exhibitions.

Anonymous Nude:
Often very close and personal, but the model cannot be identified in the final image. Ideal for first timers that are shy of being identified.

Art books and exhibitions

Implied Nude:
The model is nude on the job, but body placement, props or shadows obscure the pubic region. Ideal for those that need to convince mom/boyfriend they were covered all the time.

Model folios & some magazines

Implied Topless:
The model is topless on the job, but nipples are effectively obscured.

Model folios & some magazines

Glamour Nude:
adds makeup, hair styling, shoes and maybe (junk) jewelry - with the addition of sexy lingerie for some shots. Always teasing the camera. Typically a playboy model look. Body makeup (Foundation and blush mix) can be used over scars or suntan lines especially for this style - but then it depends a lot on the style of shoot, and whether it is going to be seen as a Magazine shoot (heavily photoshopped) or a more natural look.

Model folios, exhibitions & some magazines

usually requires makeup, a too short skirt, too high heels and a blouse that was never even supposed to fit. The idea is that everything is busting to get out, and the model is loving it... usually teasing straight to the camera. More of the FHM - Ralph look.

Model folios & some magazines

is just about selling clothes - you are merely the clothes hanger. Every move you make should be about showing a feature of the clothing better, or creating a mood that is inspired by the clothing. The Vogue look.

Model folios & some magazines

is simply creating a face/hair/figure that women want to kill you for. It is rarely sexy, usually regal - perfect for Makeup Ads, Hair products, Jewelry shots etc... The Vogue look.

Model folios & some magazines

is often intimate shapes that show an activity or make a (sexual) statement. It maybe as simple as close-up shapes, or with an unusual object, that gives the viewer the incentive to examine closely. Often these are anonymous, but intimately close-up - usually in sharp detail and strong contrast to bring out the definition. Erotic is an Art form - but needs to be addressed well.
Picture a shot of a naked bikini zone, with nothing but a snooker 8 ball (8 ball in the corner pocket) as the modesty spot. The mind is being played with, and the contrast of colors, object and 'What the...?' grab the attention as much as the nudity.

Art books and exhibitions

is the engagement in an active sexual activity, for profit, solely to excite the viewer. Models can make a fortune - but like virginity - you can never undo what is done.

Websites & Magazines